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Filling in the contacting form should not be considered booking the room. In order to confirm the provided pieces of information, the prospective guest must contact the reception of the hotel.

Room booking:
 In order for a room to be considered booked, the customer may undertake the payment of at least 30 % of the price of the room within three day from placement the booking request. Failure to do so is equal to cancelling the booking. In the case of shortening or cancelling the stay, the undertaken payment is claimed by the hotel to cover the booking-related expenses.

Bank Account::
Bank Spółdzielczy w Czersku
ul. Dr. Zielińskiego 4 89-650 Czersk
nr konta: 08 8147 0002 0000 0752 2000 0020
The name of the money transfer should include the most crucial pieces of information concerning the payment, such as: booking-related payment, packet, etc.
In order to facilitate accomplishing the booking procedure, the payment deed may be sent via fax or e-mail to the reception desk. We do our best to keep the price list valid and up-to-date. Nevertheless, before visiting us, it is recommended to confirm the booking via phone or e-mail.