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SPA packet 3 hours - 45PLN
SPA packet 'no limit' - 65PLN

In order to facilitate its guests’ relaxation, the Planeta Hotel & Restaurant offers them the possibility to spend their free time in the Dead Sea-themed SPA, which is 50 meters from the Hotel. This usual experience will make it possible for you to forget about the mundane problems for a while and feel as if you were in heaven.

By taking advantage of the offered packets, one may relax in the pool, water in which contains salt from the Dead Sea. It is worth mentioning that the salt content in the aforementioned reservoir is equal to 15 %. Such a facility will make it possible for you to improve your overall health condition, as well as forget about all the mundane worries while being surrounded with pleasant sounds and soothing lights.

All the individuals who miss the summer sun may try our Sunny Meadow, where you can lay down on a deck chair and experience the soothing warmth of sunrays. After a moment, you will literally feel the endorphin – the hormone of happiness – flowing all over your body.

What is more, you may also choose to take advantage of few types of saunas and baths in order to clean both your body and mind properly. If you want to strengthen your body, a visit in the salt cave may be beneficial, as it will help you to absorb iodine, which is crucial for keeping our body in a satisfactory condition.

Feel free to take advantage of our offer!